10Th September

10:30 STAND DE LA DIPUTACIÓN. Presentation Hicking Trail. Greenway "Sierra de Alcaraz".

18:30 EXHIBITION AND COMPETITION OF RURAL BASQUE SPORTS. Esplanade Skewer of the Fair. Aizkolaris, Stone lifters, Iparralde Games, Anvil Lift, Bale Throw. BIHURRI. Eibarko Euskal Jokoak Association (Basque Rural Sports). Organized by the Municipal Sports Institute (IMD).

11Th September

10:00 6ª. CARRERA DEL EURO, for the benefit of LASSUS AND PARKINSON Association. Central Paseo Recinto Ferial (tail of the pan).

18:00 BASKETBALL. First Party presentation Albacete Basket. BASKET ALBACETE 2012 -ALMANSA AFANION (LEB GOLD). Park pavilion.

19:30 WITHOUT BIKE THERE IS NO FAIR. Cycle ride from the Park Point to the Fairground. Organized by: CURBA (Association of Urban Cyclists of Albacete).


12Th September

18:00 BASKETBALL. First Game Presentation Albacete Basket. Pavilion Park, From 18’00 h. BASKET ALBACETE 2012 - REAL MURCIA BALONCESTO.Partido ACB. Park Pavilion, Starting at 8:00 p.m. UCAM MURCIA-VALENCIA BASKET. Organized by: CLUB ALBACETE BASKET 2012.

13Th September

19:00 VOLLEYBALL. Women's Volleyball Fair Tournament. ALBACETE VOLLEYBALL CLUB - VOLEY MURCIA. Park sports pavilion

14Th September

16:30 TENNIS. International Tennis Trophy “City of Albacete”. SEMIFINALS Organized by Albacete Tennis Club.

17:30 CYCLING. XI Cycling School Test "Feria de Albacete Trophy". Regional. Place: 5th Avenue Parque Empresarial Campollano. Organized by Club Peña Ciclista Albacete.

15Th September

08:00 FISHING. I DOUBLE SALMONID FISHING CONTEST. Las Mariquillas intensive fishing ground (Albacete). Organized by: S.D.P. EL ENGANCHE.

12:00 HANDBALL. Friendly meeting senior handball. CLUB BALONMANO ALBACETE-CLUB BALONMANO BENETUSSER (1st Autonomous Division).

17:30 TENNIS International Tennis Trophy “City of Albacete”. FINAL. Organized by Albacete Tennis Club.