Sunday 15 September


08:00 I DOUBLE SALMONID FISHING CONTEST. Intensive fishing ground Las Ladybugs (Albacete). Organized by: S.D.P. EL ENGANCHE.

09:30 X PHOTOMARATON FAIR OF ALBACETE. Stand bases of the Association of Family and Sick of Parkinson de Albacete. Organized Photographic Association of Albacete.

10:00 POPULAR HEIFERS. At the Bullring.

10:00 MASS MANCHEGA. In the Holy Cathedral Church, with the participation of the Grupo de Danzas Manchegas de Magisterio. Organized by Peña Templete.

11:00 DIPUTATION STAND. Delivery of the Altozano Prize: Ateneo Albacetense and Diario La Albacete Tribune, granted by the Albacete Cultural Association in Madrid.

11:00 KID´S FAIR. Abelardo Sánchez park. (From 11:00 to 14:00). Activities. Workshop. Performances. Sponsored by Aguas de Albacete.

11:30 FLOWER OFFERING. In honor of the Virgin of Los Llanos, from the Cathedral to the Fairgrounds. The Municipal Symphonic Band of Albacete participates. It will brighten the Group
of Choirs and Dances San Pablo. Collaborate Association of Friends of the Carpets of Sawdust from Elche de la Sierra. Organized by Peña Templete.

12:00 HANDBALL. Friendly meeting senior handball. CLUB BALONMANO ALBACETE-CLUB BALONMANO BENETUSSER (1st Autonomous Division).

12:00 GLOBALCAJA STAND. Womanguante. Martilda.

13:00 DIPUTATION STAND. Know our villages: Férez.

13:30 EQUESTRIAN COMPETITION. Awards ceremony of the “La Cuerda” 2019 Contest. Ejidos of the Fair. Organized Equestrian Association “El Estribo”.


16:00 KID´S FAIR. Abelardo Sánchez park.. (From 16:00 to 19:00).

17:15 BULLFIGHTING PARADE.. From Altozano square to the Bullring. “Unión Musical Ciudad de Albacete”.

17:30 TENNIS International Tennis Trophy “City of Albacete”. FINAL. Organized by Albacete Tennis Club.

18:00 GLOBALCAJA STAND. The Neighborhoods in the Fair. Coros y Danza (AAVV San Pablo). Organiza FAVA.

18:00 DE LA PAZ THEATRE. Family musical theater. “Cinderella XXI Century“. Malta Theater. Organized by Cultural Albacete.

18:00 DIPUTATION STAND. Children’s party. MULAN, La Princesa Guerrera. Itea Benedicto Musical Theater Company.

18:00 BULLFIGHTING FAIR. Bullfight. Cattles: “Torrestrella.”

19:00 PUPPETRY. XXII. “City of Albacete” International Puppet Festival. At Abelardo Sanchez Park. Company Francis Zafrilla (Albacete): “Got Rock”.

19:00 ZONE “VIVA LA FERIA ”. At the outskirts of the Fairground. MARISKALROCK – LA HEAVY DJS TEAM, (19:00 h.) AB/CT -versions AC/DC- (21:00 h.) & GUATEQUE (23:00 h.). Door opening 18:30. Free Entrance.

20:00 CIRCO THEATRE. Theatre. “7 años”, It was the first film that NETFLIX produced in Spain, and now adapts to the theater. Organized by Cultural Albacete.


21:00 SAVE THE VIRGIN OF LOS LLANOS. In the Fairgrounds in charge of the Choir La Besana.

22:00 THEATRE AT FAIR. EA! Teatro (former Candilejas Cinema). “PADRES PUTATIVOS”. EA! Teatro company.

22:00 THEATRE AND DANCE AT LA POSADA DEL ROSARIO. Theater and Dance “ENLORQUIADAS” A WOMAN UNDER THE MOON“. Idea, direction, graphic design, lighting and scenery: JoseMi Alarcón. Choreographies: Mayte and Elena Ballesteros.

23:00 CIRCO THEATRE. Theatre. “7 años”, It was the first film that NETFLIX produced in Spain, and now adapts to the theater. Organized by Cultural Albacete.

23:00 JARDINILLOS HOUSE. Concert. “JOSÉ MERCÉ & TOMATITO”, presenting his new joint work “Really”. Opening Doors at 21:00h.

23:00 GLOBALCAJA STAND. Jazztoy aquí : Jesús Arenas.

23:00 PROVINCIAL COUNCIL STAND. Live performance. Números Rojos. Tribute to Sabina.

23:00 THE FAIR´S VERVAIN. At “Verbena Popular” zone with LOS GENUINOS Orchestra.