Sunday 8th September


10:00 POPULAR HEIFERS. At the Bullring.

11:00 PONTIFICAL MASS IN HONOUR OF NUESTRA SEÑORA LA VIRGEN DE LOS LLANOS. At the Cathedral. With the performance of the “University Choir of Albacete”.

11:00 THE DAY OF THE Comics. At the door of the Film Library (Plaza del Altozano), tribute to the Spanish Comic. Coordinates Valeriano Belmonte.

11:00 KID’S FAIR. Abelardo Sánchez Park. (From 11.00 to 14.00) Activities. Workshop Area. Performances. Sponsored by Aguas de Albacete.

12:00 BATTLE OF FLOWERS. Parade of the floats participating in the Opening Parade. From Gabriel Lodares Square to Estacion Avenue.

12:45 Inauguration Poster Exhibition “YEAR LOZANO“. Municipal Pavilion of the Fairgrounds. Organizes City council of Albacete.

13:30 PROVINCIAL COUNCIL STAND. Inauguration of the Provincial Stand. Do you like? A journey through the Vanguard Gastronomy of the Province of Albacete.

13:45 Opening of the Hall and Judgment of the XXXIX Castilla-La Mancha Competition Cutlery. Cutlery Hall of the Fairgrounds. Organize APRECU.


16:00 KID´S FAIR 2018. Abelardo Sánchez park. (From 16:00 to 19:00).

17:15 BULLFIGHTING PARADE. From Altozano Square to the Bullring. “City of Albacete Musical Union”.

18:00 GLOBALCAJA STAND. The Neighborhoods in the Fair ”. Ballet Jándalo (AAVV Industry). Organize FAVA.

18:00 PROVINCIAL COUNCIL STAND. Children’s party. Heroes and Heroines: The same? Different? school of Cuentoterapia de Albacete.

18:00 BULLFIGHTING FAIR. Bullfight. La Quinta, D. Victorino Martín, El Tajo y La Reina, Alcurucen, D. Daniel Ruiz y Garcigrande/Domingo Hernández Cattle. For the absolute winner of the Albacete Fair in the last three years:

19:00 PUPPETRY. XXII “City of Albacete” International Puppet Festival. At Abelardo Sanchez Park. “Filibustera de Títeres” (Albacete) company presents: “El Principito”.

20:00 SERENADE TO THE VIRGIN OF LOS LLANOS. Homage to our Saint Patron at the Fairground (in front of the Virgin Chapel), by La Trova del Llano.


20:30 ARTESANA. “XIX HANDCRAFT FAIR”. Fairground outskirts. Inauguration.

20:30 ZONE “VIVA LA FERIA”. In the Fairground outskirts. Fiesta Máxima FM. Arturo Grao, Ramsés López, Javi Reina, Abel Ramos y Albert Nevé. Opening doors 20:00 horas. Free entrance.

21:30 JARDINILLOS HOUSE. Concert “LOCOS X LA MUSICA”PULPO (21:30 h.), DANZA INVISIBLE (22:00 h.), REVOLVER (23:00 h.), SEGURIDAD SOCIAL (0:00 H.) + LA GUARDIA (1:00 h.)Doors open 21:00h.

22:00 THEATRE AT FAIR. EA! Teatro (former Candilejas Cinema). “DON JUAN TENORIO DE ALBACETE”. UP Albacete Theater Students Company.

22.00 CIRCO THEATRE. Zarzuela, “Los Gavilanes“, A beautiful creation by maestro Jacinto Guerrero. Inc. Productions La Folía. Organized by Cultural Albacete.

22:00 THEATRE AT LA POSADA DEL ROSARIO. “REINVENT THE COUPLE”. Adaptation of the work of Darío Fo and Franca Reme “Couple Open”. El Pasillo Theater.

22:30 108 NATIONAL FESTIVAL EDITION OF MUSIC BANDS “Feria de Albacete”. In the Municipal Auditorium, concert by the Pozohondo Band (Albacete).

23:00 GLOBALCAJA STAND. Great guitars: Jose Luis Montón.

23:00 PROVINCIAL COUNCIL STAND. Live performance.Orchestra Baile al Fresco.

23:00 THE FAIR´S VERVAIN. At the Popular Festival Zone, with the GRUPO VALERA Orchestra.