Between the 7th and the 17th of September, Albacete moves its gaze from the center of the city to the Fairground, which becomes the center of the bustle, the party and leisure during the days of our Fair. A celebration that has been transformed over time and doing according to the wishes of its citizens, a Fair made by and for them who know how to enjoy and take advantage of it from the first and even the last second of it.

Albacete´s Fair is tradition, culture, party, music, theater, bullfights, show, a compendium of factors that make it special. All adorned and starring the spectacular and unique Fairground, which has seen the years and fairs passing trough it until this year, when it will show off a new look, the one it deserves.

Albacete and its Fair opens up to receive the visitors who decide to come here. Enjoy a Fair of all an for all. Enjoy Albacete´s Fair.

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