Tuesday 17th September


10:00 POPULAR HEIFERS. At the Bullring.

10:30 MASS IN HONOUR OF NUESTRA SEÑORA DE LOS LLANOS Transfer of the Image to its Chapel in the Town Hall, with participation of the Local Symphonic Band and quarter “rondallas”. F.A.V.A. collaborates.

10:30 STAND DIPUTATION STAND. Presentation of the Benin Cultural Project. Voodoo Magic Journey between two worlds.

12:00 GLOBALCAJA STAND. Transmission of the mass.

13:00 DIPUTATION STAND. Know our villages: Socovos.


16:00 KID’S FAIR. Abelardo Sánchez Park. (De 16:00 a 19:00).

17:15 BULLFIGHTING PARADE. From Altozano Square to the Bullring. “City of Albacete Musical Union”.

18:00 GLOBALCAJA STAND. The Neighborhoods in the Fair. Ballet “Consalero” (AAVV Villacerrada), and Ballet “Solera”, (AAVV Carretas-H. Marzo). Organize FAVA.

18:00 DIPUTATION STAND. Children’s party. Microconcert of Stories. La Chica Charcos.

18:00 BULLFIGHTING FAIR. Bullfight. Cattles: “Montalvo”

19:00 PUPPETRY. XXII. “City of Albacete” International Puppet Festival. At Abelardo Sanchez Park. Company El Retablo de la Ventana (Guadalajara-Argentina) presents: “Los malos malísimos”.

19:00 PRIZE GIVING 6th Literary Contest “La quinta estación” (The Fifth Season). Albacete´s Fair told in a humorous Triplet way (senryu). At the UCLM Stand at the Fairground. Organized by Haiku People Association of Albacete (AGHA).

20:00 CIRCO THEATRE. Theater. Rafael Alvarez “El Brujo” presents “Cómico“, the show that lives up to his true vocation. Organized by Cultural Albacete.


22:00 THEATRE AT FAIR. EA! Theater (former Candilejas Cinema). “BOING Y OTRAS PIEZAS (MICROTEATROS)”. EA! Teatro company.

22:00 THEATRE AT LA POSADA DEL ROSARIO. Musical comedy with sign language interpreter. Opera, Zarzuela and Songs of yesterday: “VIAJAMOS”. Itea Benedict company.

22:30 PYROTECHNIC AND MUSIC SPECTACLE END OF FAIR. Live music synchronized with spectacular Fireworks. Local Symphonic Band and Pirotecnia Zaragozana. Bandstand at Paseo de la Cuba street.

23:00 DIPUTATION STAND. Live performance. “Trópico Show”.

23:00 CLOSING OF FAIR ROUND DANCE. Parade through the fairground and traditional dance at the main doors until its closing. Organized by Asociación Cultural Albafolk.

24:00 CLOSING OF THE MAIN DOORS by the Mayor.