Greetings from the Mayor

Dear Albacete citizens, dear visitors:

Those of us from Albacete and we carry our city in our hearts feel between September seven and seventeen an unspeakable emotion. And is that Albacete becomes the capital of the world these days. The Fair in honor of our Patroness, the Virgin of Los Llanos, is one of the greatest reasons for pride that we can have in this vibrant city full of history, present and future. The Albacete Fair, three times a hundred years old, is a melting pot of leisure, culture, commerce and gastronomy and precisely for this reason a huge engine of economic development and employment for our city, as well as an unparalleled promotional platform. That is why we turn these days, because the Albacete Fair is a dynamic element whose impulse encourages us to continue growing at all levels.

The team that works every day in the City council of Albacete redouble their efforts in the preparation of everything that is related to the Fair, in the desire that neighbors and visitors enjoy a generous, accessible, varied and quality programming, to the height of what a diverse society like Albacete demands. An offer for all audiences in which, as always, they include music, theater, dance, exhibitions and, of course, our prestigious Bullfighting Fair, one of the most recognized not only in Spain but throughout the world and which has as epicenter our centenary bullring.

There is a Fair for each person who approaches it. There is a Fair for every moment of the day or night. The Fair is that huge ferris wheel that does not stop. The Fair is an example of civic coexistence and participation. Let us give an example, one more year, of our open character, of our hospitable heart, of our citizen responsibility. As mayor and as a neighbor I feel enormously proud to be part of the society of Albacete, always as exemplary. I feel proud of you my neighbors and of each of the collectives, entities and associations of all kinds that during the rest of the year work with enthusiasm so that the Fair is simply what it is: the best fair on the planet. From the Cavalcade, our great showcase to the world, to the last recess of the Fairground, the Ejidos, the tents or the Paseo. Thank you very much for your involvement. Without you, the Albacete Fair would be impossible.

So enjoy and surrender to this Fair that is of International Tourist Interest and that, precisely because it is so big, fills our hearts with pride to join us in a collective shout that echoes around the world:

Long live the Albacete Fair!
Long live Albacete!

Vicente Casañ
Mayor of Albacete


Saludo del Alcalde

Saludo del Alcalde
Saludo del Alcalde