Firday 13th September


10:00 Flashmob display. A participatory Flashmob will be held in the “Rabo de la pan” area of the Fairground.

11:00 Masterclass and dance show “LINDY HOP”

12:00 Concentration of the collective. At the Skewer of the Fair and parade to the place of reading of the manifesto animated by Batukada.

12:30 Manifest reading and reception of the Authorities to this group. In front of the AFAEPS stand, the manifesto will be read in favor of people with disabilities, which this year will be made by the METASPORT and ASPAS Associations.

Organized by the Department of Attention to Persons and Municipal Council of Persons with Disabilities


10:00 POPULAR HEIFERS At the Bullring.

10:30 DIPUTATION STAND. Tradition and Culture- Recordings and compositions about music Traditional of the Province of Albacete made by Carmen Ibáñez and Ibáñez.

11:00 STAND UNIVERSITY POPULAR. School of Modern Music of Albacete EMMA. Concerts at 11:00 a.m., 6:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m.

12:00 GLOBALCAJA STAND. Mornings with Spanish flavor. Santiago Bonilla.

13:30 DIPUTATION STAND. Know our villages: Létur.


16:00 KID´S FAIR . Abelardo Sánchez park. (From 16:00 to 19:00).

17:15 BULLFIGHTING PARADE. From Altozano square to the Bullring. “Unión Musical Ciudad de Albacete”.

18:00 FILM LIBRARY OF THE FAIR. ALADDIN. From Disney. (Passes 6:00 p.m. / 8:15 p.m.). Organized by Albacete Film Library.

18:00 GLOBALCAJA STAND. Rociero La Besana Choir.

18:00  DE LA PAZ THEATRE. Family theater “El Club de los Buenazos“. Version and Address Francis Zafrilla. Organized by Cultural Albacete.

18:00 DIPUTATION STAND. Children’s party. Juanma García. Magic with good humor.

18:00 BULLFIGHTING FAIR. Bullfight. Cattle: D. Domingo Hernández “Garcigrande”.

19:00 VOLLEYBALL. Women’s Volleyball Fair Tournament. ALBACETE VOLLEYBALL CLUB – VOLEY MURCIA. Park sports pavilion.

19:00  PUPPETRY. XXII. “City of Albacete” International Puppet Festival. At Abelardo Sanchez Park. Company “Miguel Pino Children’s Productions” (Málaga): “PENEQUE, El sueño de los títeres 60 aniversario”.

20:00 CIRCO THEATRE. Theatre. ”Se infiel y no mires con quien”, with Josema Yuste & Teté Delgado. Organized by Cultural Albacete.

20:00 XXXI “CIUDAD DE ALBACETE” INTERNATIONAL FOLKLORE SHOW. In the Abelardo Sánchez Park, performance by the MANCHEGAS DANCE GROUP MAGISTERIO DE ALBACETE. Coordinates Magisterium Group.


22:00 THEATRE AT FAIR. EA! Teatro (former Candilejas Cinema). “LAOS/LA CENTRAL”. EA! Teatro company.

22:00 THEATRE AT LA POSADA DEL ROSARIO. “MARCELA, LA HIJA POETA”. Author: Jaufré Rudel. Address: Ana Casas. Theater Company: R q R Productions.

22:00 JARDINILLOS HOUSE. Concert.“SWEET CALIFORNIA”, “Origen” TourDoor opening at 21:00.

22:30 FILM LIBRARY OF THE FAIR. ALADDIN. From Disney. (Passes 6:00 p.m. / 8:15 p.m.). Organized by Albacete Film Library.

22:30 ZONE “VIVA LA FERIA ”. At los Ejidos of the Fairground.  CARAJILLO (22:30 h.), NANCYS RUBIAS (23:30 h.) FANGORIA (1:00) h. Door opening at 21:00.

22:30 108 NATIONAL FESTIVAL EDITION OF MUSIC BANDS “Feria de Albacete”. At the Municipal Auditorium, concert by Agrupación Musical Iniestense, de Iniesta (Cuenca). (3 € ticket in beneft of MANOS UNIDAS).

23:00 CIRCO THEATRE. Theatre. ”Se infiel y no mires con quien”, with Josema Yuste & Teté Delgado. Organized by Cultural Albacete.

23:00 GLOBALCAJA STAND. Albacete 1375: Juanma Cifuentes & Víctor Perona.

23:00 PROVINCIAL COUNCIL STAND. Live performance. RockolaCircus.

23:00 THE FAIR´S VERVAIN. At “Verbena Popular” zone with TROPICO SHOW Orchestra.